Learn First, Then Teach


Author: Satya Daksapati

Given the depressing international situation the state elections results are really good news. We all needed this boost. In the end, as Sai Deepak ji said, Hindus has aspirations beyond BJP/RSS (something in those lines). We need BJP address civilizational issues, the blatant discrimination of Hindus from releasing Hindu temples through constitutional changes, Hindu education, teach our true history at every level, replace Madrassas education, ban polygamy type Islamic practices. We need to push BJP in that direction. That is what matters.

We also need to do our part in preserving this enormously profound Dharma. Almost all Hindus have faintest clue while Westerners are recognizing and benefiting from it. Bharath Gyan work on great history of Bharath , Brahmakumari Shivani on mind science is very encouraging.

Steve Jobs feels he has to read ‘ Autobiography of Yogi’ at least once every year to keep him inspired and motivated, but how many of us ‘intellectuals’ read even once? How many of us took opportunity to sip the wonderful nectar of god intoxicated utterings of seemingly ‘mad man’ Ramakrishna paramahamsa, in ‘Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna’? How many of us elevated ourselves readings of Vivekananda’ when he roared this wisdom to highly packed audiences across the cities of even the racist United States in late 1800’s? How many of us marveled with the silence teachings of Ramana Maharishi whose picture is used by meditators across the world to bring their mind to silence and thus experience the unison with the universe? Do we understand the simple but profound beautiful meaning behind our stories and every practice? What does Krishna stealing butter mean? What is significance of his flute? What is significance of each form that carries enormous knowledge of cosmology? Germany cannot keep up with the thirst for Sanskrit, but how many of us are taking time to learn Sanskrit which is gateway to enormous literature of ours?

Only when we learn we can teach our children. This is preserved only due to enormous sacrifices of our ancestors and we need to wake up sleeping Hindus from the twin challenges of aggressive abrahamic religions and learn about their own.


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