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Nationwide Healthfair by Hindus

A nationwide initiative for early detection, information, and medical consult to reduce the burden of healthcare.

All individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, faith, nationality, or immigration status are urged to register, especially people without medical insurance or who is not under regular medical care. Our friends and relatives visiting from India can also take advantage of this service.

For $25 one can get a blood profile test from LabCorp as mentioned in the flier, plus 2 virtual consults with 2 specialists.

South Asians are at very high risk for diabetes, and it is very important to find out what is your Hemoglobin A1C level which is included in the blood test, and then you discuss your findings virtually with a doctor.

National Health fair
Charity Event
Free consultation by select Hindu Doctors
Testing by LabCorp

Register and pay only $25 at

Then set up an appointment at

Get tested at Labcorp using the Hindus for America requisition form.